Appreciation of Wine Paper Bag Packaging Design Application Cases (Figure)

2023-05-14 18:31

  On the dazzling array of wine shelves, the first element that attracts consumers' attention is the packaging of the wine, followed by the function and other aspects of the wine. Excellent wine packaging can greatly highlight the characteristics and quality of the brand.

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  When designing wine packaging, it is the most basic and important thing for the marketing center to find the right audience. The second is that the wine packaging design concept should be highly unified with the product itself, and the design concept should always be determined around the product.

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  Wine labels are one of the most intuitive visual representations of wine culture and an important way for consumers to judge the quality of wine. France, Spain and other places have strict management systems on wine labels, which must indicate the grade, category, origin, year and other details of the wine to control the quality of production and facilitate consumers' choice.

  Excellent wine packaging design is very user-friendly, easy to store, transport, carry and open. Therefore, we must pay attention to the rationality of the packaging structure, not only exquisite shape, but also a certain rhythm and rhythm.

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  The most important point is the promotional function of the packaging. How to convey clear and easy-to-read messages to consumers from the packaging of red wine is crucial, such as what are the selling points of this wine, what are the benefits to the human body after drinking, and different The application occasions corresponding to the varieties need to be considered in the design.

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